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Inter-Club and Individual Competitions - Final Results

Inter-Club Prints
Final Results

Inter-Club PDI's
Final Results

Inter-Club Aggregate
Prints & PDI's
Final Results

Best Inter-Club Print
'Osprey Catch'
by Miles Langthorne
(Northallerton CC)

Best Inter-Club PDI
'Grouse in Heather'
by Miles Langthorne
(Northallerton CC)

Print, PDI &
Best B&W Print
Final Results

NYSD IC Print's Round 6 Final Score Sheet Nov 2021
NYSD IC PDI's Round 6 Final Score Sheet Nov 2021
NYSDPA Aggregate Score 'Prints & PDI' Competions Nov 2021
IC Best Print Image - Osprey Catch by by Miles Langthorne
IC Best PDI Image - Grouse in Heather by Miles Langthorne
NYSDPA Individual Print & PDI Winners - Results Table Nov 2021