Complete Photographer 19/20

For this competition thanks are due to a number of people. Firstly, to Bill Heppell for organising and collating; secondly, the four nominated volunteers who judged all the images (and who must remain anonymous for fear of reprisals); and thirdly, to the members for taking part in this undertaking – one image for each of ten genres in the photographic regime – not as easy as it sounds.

So how does the competition work then ? Each member’s images were allocated a letter to make them anonymous. The images were put into the ten categories, so that they could be judged like for like. Each of the four judges gave a mark out of ten, and the scores recorded. The scores were then collated and produced in the colourfully illustrated documents as shown below.

Congratulations go to the winners, and also to the other entrants for putting up some stiff competition.

Intermediate results.jpg
Advanced Results.jpg